Accessibility declaration

We think that the accessibility of information is a fundamental value for society. For this we have done our best to ensure full usability of the contents of this website regardless of the physical and sensory capabilities of users who visit it.

This site was created following the WCAG 2.0 guidelines on accessibility for website development.
In particular, automatic validators were used to verify compliance with the accessibility guidelines and a working group was set up consisting of people with disabilities (visual, auditory and with reduced mobility in the upper limbs) who reported to the developers the improvements to be made.

The accessibility check was conducted by Yeah, a social cooperative specializing in services for accessibility and inclusion, which issued the accessibility declaration reported here.

In addition to the provisions of the accessibility guidelines, it was decided to create a specific information section dedicated to users with disabilities, which contains specific indications on how to access the service and on the existing facilities. Finally, a sidebar was made available to visually impaired and dyslexia users to change the size of the text and the color contrast of the pages.

accessible website -Yeah! 2018