1. Simply put your hand out. If the taxi driver does not stop it means that he is already busy on another run or you are too close to the taxi rank.


2. Head straight to one of the designated areas in many places around the city. Take the first taxi in line. If upon arrival there are no taxis available please wait in an orderly fashion and one will come to pick you up as soon as possible.
*The two means indicated above are considered the cheapest for the passenger as the taxi meter starts only when the client gets on board.


Telephone directly one of the many taxi ranks around the city where there is at least one if not more than one at the desired address. The taxi driver will answer you straightaway to whom you will need to give all the necessary details, i.e. where he needs to pick up etc., specifying all requirements of the taxi needed, i.e. low, high, station wagon, for animals, credit card payment, more than four people, if you need to go outside the city, etc. Please wait at the designated address for the taxi with the acronym/initials or number that was provided beforehand.
*Please find the contact details here below. N.B. Please allow the telephone to ring for as long as possible and please remember that the meter starts from the rank therefore you also pay for the route taken in order to get to the given address.


all the base and you will get in contact with an operator to whom you will have provide the exact address with street number and any other useful information like the name of the company, shop, surgery or other information that you have verified prior to calling the base. You will also need to specify what type of taxi is required, see examples above. The operator will put you on hold for a minute in order to give you the correct number/acronym of the taxi that will come for you and the estimated time of arrival at the address you provided. Please be sure to get into the taxi that has been previously assigned to you and if there is no sign of the taxi within the reasonable amount of time allowed please contact the base again. Booking a taxi is only possible by ringing the Radiotaxi base. An extra 5 minutes are allowed while waiting for the taxi to arrive. If by any chance the taxi does not arrive please contact the base. It is not advisable to ring a taxi rank when there are no taxis waiting. You risk not finding a taxi while spending a lot of money for the call. In this case, move away and give a street number as an indication, or hail every taxi that passes. He will then communicate to the radiotaxi base that you are waiting at the taxi rank. Please avoid giving a corner as an indication of where you are. At the address the meter must not exceed the set rate plus the radiotaxi supplement.


  • How can I call a taxi?

    • By telephoning 045 532 666
    • By texting the exact address to 340 321 0021. Please communicate your name, the type of taxi required(see above for various features) and services required.
    • By connecting to This application is available for IOS and android and is valid all over/throughout Italy. Download it from here.

  • How can I book a taxi?

    It is possible to book a taxi from 8.00am to 00.00am.
    To book a taxi for the same day it is enough to ring just one hour before the time required. To book a taxi for the following day/s you need to call at least 24 hours beforehand in order to be completely certain that your booking is carried out successfully.
    Bookings are not accepted during periods of trade fairs in the city.
    For information please contact our base at 045 532 666

  • Once you specify everything to the taxi driver or to the operator at the time of calling, it is possible go out of Verona using one of our taxis.

  • Come posso sapere in anticipo il costo della corsa in taxi?

    Potete effetuare un calcolo indicativo sul costo di una corsa in taxi nell’apposita sezione del nostro sito internet alla voce “CALCOLO TARIFFE”.
    Prestate attenzione anche alle tariffe delle nostre TRATTE FISSE.
    Se desiderate avere maggiori informazioni e preventivi su richieste particolari, scrivete a

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted on board. Even contactless cards are accepted where it is necessary only to place your actual card close to the machine without having to enter any code or pin number or sign any receipt and the transaction will occur effectively. We accept all major cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MAESTRO.

  • How can I accumulate ALITALIA MILES with your taxis?

    All Alitalia MILLEMIGLIA clients are welcome aboard our taxis. All you need to do is communicate your Alitalia MILLEMIGLIA card number to your driver, at the end of the run, who will then credit your points for the taxi run. The points will usually show up on your Alitalia MILLEMIGLIA account within 72 hours.
    For any other information please write to us at

  • What is the “ Giulietta Card” and how can I get one?

    The “Giulietta Card” is our new rechargeable card thought up for our faithful customers, but also for those who wish to benefit more from our taxis or as a gift card to give as a present. If you wish to have your own card, all you have to do is come into one of our offices where you will be given a specific prepaid electronic card that you need to charge money to and bring with you every time you take one of our taxis.
    It is important to note that this card may only be used with “Radio Taxi Verona”. You can charge money to your card at any time by simply coming into any one of our offices or directly on board whenever you wish.
    For more information please contact our office on 045/526842 or send us an email to

  • I left something in the taxi, what can I do?

    Please contact our operator on 045/532666, or go into our “lost and found” office inside the town hall in Verona. It is important to note that the taxi driver may not always be able to bring items into the lost and found office as very often the “lost item” falls to the ground while the passenger is getting out of the taxi or the next passenger on board the taxi might take it away with him.

  • I would like to advertise on your taxis. How can I go about this?

    We would be very happy to have your logo on our taxis which is one of the most efficient and most visible means of advertising and promoting your business within the city of Verona. Feel free to write to us at and one of our representatives will illustrate the best possible offer for you.

  • How can I make a suggestion or a complaint?

    Every suggestion, advice or complaint is always appreciated because we firmly believe that we can only get better thanks to our customers.
    Feel free to write to us at any time, maintaining civil tones, at