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In a society that is constantly projected towards the future and a working system which forces us to optimise our time, Radio taxi Verona, a leader for over 40 years in this sector, has rewarded/given its clientele for the past few months with the exclusive and ultramodern/latest method of payment, Globix. In other words, there is no need for cash or vouchers or prepaid cards because the Globix system allows you, with no added costs involved, to pay your taxi fare using two simple access codes.


Along with a subscription which must be agreed upon with Radiotaxi Verona, the consumer will have access to a special telephone number through which, at the moment of the call, a text message will arrive with two brief codes. The first being the “opening” one to be used as soon as you get on board and the other the “closing” one to be used at the end. In other words, once on board a taxi of Radiotaxi Verona, the Globix client will communicate the opening code to the driver who will then proceed to insert it into his terminal on board. Once the run has come to an end the driver will then put the price of the fare, seen on the taxi meter (and which will be communicated at the same time by sms to the customer), into the same terminal followed by the closing code which will in fact then close off the taxi service. Naturally all the details will be sent immediately to the client’s accountant with the possibility of dividing them up into cost centres or directly through a “code project”. To sum up, in a dynamic city like Verona, Globix allows the use and payment of a taxi in a faster and more accounted for way.


This service is activated by making a request by email at: or by calling 045/526842

One of our experienced specialists will explain everything and activate the system for you. The start-up of this system is at the complete discretion of our staff.