information radiotaxi verona

It is important to note that…

  • If you let your taxi driver know at the start which route you would prefer to take, you will avoid any embarrassment or inconvenience caused by the different route taken by the driver; otherwise the driver will choose the best route with the cheapest charge and the least amount of time.
  • It is imperative to let your driver know if you need him to do more than one run or if you need him to wait.
  • Once at your final destination please check that you have all your personal belongings with you. It is not always possible for the taxi driver to bring it into the “lost and found” office due to it falling onto the ground while the passenger exits the vehicle, or sometimes because the next passenger actually takes it.
  • The taxi driver is not obliged to take any animals on board unless they are in fact blind dogs accompanying their owner.
  • The taxi driver must do his runs within the designated areas assigned, outside of these areas the run is at his own discretion.
  • For security reasons the taxi driver does not have a large sum of cash on him so it is not possible to break big figure notes. It is advisable to agree on this before getting on board.
  • The taxi driver may, at any given moment, refuse to do a run if the passenger does not conform to the right decorum, that is if he/she is in an obvious aggravated state or if it is the case of having previously carried the person who caused damage or damages to the vehicle, or has not paid a previous fare or who has behaved extremely badly on previous occasions.
  • In the case of having to wait for the passenger, he/she will have to cover the cost expressed on the meter. ( It is therefore advisable to anticipate some of the cost as a deposit and set a maximum waiting time. Once this agreed waiting time has lapsed the taxi driver is then no longer obliged to wait any longer for his client.)
  • The taxi driver may also refuse to take on a run that could result in him doing more than 30 minutes after his own shift has finished.
  • Damages done to the taxi must be reimbursed so it is advisable to pay attention where you place dirty badly-kept bags and not to eat or drink anything while travelling in the taxi as even the slightest braking all of a sudden could cause damage to the upholstery.
information radiotaxi verona