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The service thought out for the big institutional clients.
Taxi Webi is the new online service to call a taxi through the internet. A simple, fast and intuitive way that allows calling a taxi to come straight out to where you are by just a simple click of the mouse.
This service is oriented towards the big institutional clients: Hotels, discos, big firms. Calling a taxi has just become easier and more convenient. By accessing our webpage it is possible to order a taxi from your own PC.
This new system guarantees access to this service even in the case of malfunction of our telephone lines, it allows you to avoid having to stay on hold when you ring our operator, and what’s more it allows you to save on the cost of the telephone call.


This service gets activated by sending a request via mail to:
One of our expert specialists will guide you through it and set it up for you.


The service is completely free.

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